CHM 2120/2520

CHM 2120/2520

Midterm and Exam Tutoring Sessions.
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Midterm 1

For the Spring/Summer term only, our Midterm 1 tutoring sessions will OPEN based on demand from students.


for 3.5-Hours

for each Tutoring Session


If you interested in ONLINE Tutoring Sessions for Midterm 1 please contact us at


What will this be like?

Your Expert Tutor will organize the above sessions based on students weaknesses and struggles from the course. We will contact you directly and create personalized ONLINE tutoring for the set of student in that specific session. 

Session Instructor
Abdullah is a top-rated tutor with 7+ years of teaching experience.

­As a recent PhD graduate from the University of Ottawa, he has worked along with many of the CHM 2120/2520 Professors. His lesson plans will always begin with must-know fundamental concepts and end with examples from previous midterms and final exam questions.

Recommended by 200+ uOttawa students. Join one of his review sessions and decide for yourself!