CHM 2120/2520

CHM 2120/2520
Midterm 2 Tutoring Sessions.
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IR and H NMR

Review Session Details
  • How to read and extract information from IR spectra
  • Apply 1H NMR concepts such as chemical shift, equivalence, integration and multiplicity to common midterm questions (this includes simple coupling-tree diagrams)
  • How to distinguish molecules using 1H NMR
  • Learn to draw 1H NMR spectra from a organic molecule
  • A list of “1H NMR peak patterns” to help you identify structures!
  • Learn a technique to putting fragments together for final compound identification (1H NMR)
  • 1- hour worth of practice questions on IR and 1H NMR from past midterms and problem sets!

CHM2120/2520: IR and H NMR Spectroscopy


  • E2 mechanism and which beta-Hydrogen to select (Hoffman vs. Zaitsev product)
  • Projecting E2 reactions in their most stable conformation
  • Differentiating between reactions: E2 vs. E1/SN1
  • Solvents and rates for E2
  • Simplifying the mechanism for oxidation of alcohol and knowing how to use the reagents appropriately
  • Many examples from midterms/exams administered at uOttawa!
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Session Instructor
Abdullah is a top-rated tutor with 7+ years of teaching experience.

­As a recent PhD graduate from the University of Ottawa, he has worked along with many of the CHM 2120/2520 Professors. His lesson plans will always begin with must-know fundamental concepts and end with examples from previous midterms and final exam questions.

Recommended by 350+ uOttawa students. Join one of his review sessions and decide for yourself!