CHM 2123/2523

CHM 2123/2523
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In-Lab Practical Examination Review Session.


for 4.5-Hours of Tutoring

Compound Extraction
and Evaluation

Review Session Details
  • Guide you step-by-step to isolate and characterize an organic compound based on 2022 rubric and procedure!
  • Understand the concepts of TLC and extraction
  • Using videos and diagrams, demonstrate how to set up and assemble equipment appropriately and efficiently
  • Understand the practical aspects of extraction (i.e. know what solvent/solution to use)
  • Learn to assemble a TLC station efficiently and analyze the results
  • How to setup a melting point apparatus and how to record the proper melting point
  • A review on IR and 1H NMR analysis for the Lab

Practical Midterm: Compound Extraction and Evaluation


  • Get a better understanding of atomic and molecular orbitals (this includes drawing bonding, non-bonding and antibonding orbitals)
  • Learn to draw resonance forms (and be able to identify major and minor structures)
  • Comfortably switch between chairs, Newman projections, and line structures
  • Stereochemistry of sp3 (R/S) and alkene (E/Z) structures
  • Learn to become an expert with acid-base chemistry by understanding pKa and how to assess the strength of a lone pair
  • Many examples from midterms/exams administered at uOttawa!
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Session Instructor
Abdullah is a top-rated tutor with 8+ years of teaching experience.

­As a recent PhD graduate from the University of Ottawa, he has worked along with many of the CHM 2123/2523 Professors. His lesson plans will always begin with must-know fundamental concepts and end with examples from previous midterms and final exam questions.

Recommended by 200+ uOttawa students. Join one of his review sessions and decide for yourself!