CHM 1311/1711

CHM 1311/1711
Midterm 1 Review Sessions.
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Stoichiometry, Redox Chemistry
and Atoms

Review Session Details
  • Each student will receive a Midterms and Final Exams Package.

  • This review session will be mainly focused on problem solving questions from the textbook, past midterms and final exams.
  • Key topics: periodic table trends, limiting reagents, percent yield, dilutions, molarity, molality, left over reactants, stoichiometry, gas law, gas kinetics, Graham's Law, partial pressures, oxidation states, balancing redox reactions.

CHM1311/CHM1711: Stoichiometry, Redox Chemistry, Atoms and Light


  • Understand composition of atoms and calculate atomic volume
  • Apply the fundamentals of light equations to midterm-like problems
  • Interpret/draw absorption and emission light spectra (i.e. energy-level diagrams)
  • Calculate energies of electrons in hydrogen atoms
  • Learn to identify and understand trends of the periodic table (i.e. electron affinity, atom radius and ionization energy)
  • Understand the Born-Haber cycle to predict energy change of a reaction
  • Get a clear understanding of atomic orbitals (s, p, d, f) and their respective structures
  • Learn to use the periodic table to write simplified and expanded electron configurations
  • Understand bonding and antibonding orbital and learn to identify/draw them
  • Draw orbital energy diagrams
  • Write out a description of size (s), shape (l) and orientation (ml) of an electron using quantum numbers
  • Steps and technique will be explained for molecular shapes using VSEPR
  • Many examples from midterms administered at uOttawa
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October 08, 2022 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM, Or Buy Recording of Session

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Session Instructor
Abdullah is a top-rated tutor with 8+ years of teaching experience.

­As a recent PhD graduate from the University of Ottawa, he has worked along with many of the CHM 1311/1711 Professors. His lesson plans will always begin with must-know fundamental concepts and end with examples from previous midterms and final exam questions.

Recommended by 350+ uOttawa students. Join one of his review sessions and decide for yourself!