CHM1311/1711: Ionic Solubility (Ksp) and Buffers

CHM1311/1711: Ionic Solubility (Ksp) and Buffers


  • Express solubility of ions in an equilibrium using Ksp
  • Use ICE tables to solve simple & complex Ksp questions
  • Calculate the solubility limit of ion in the presence of a common ion
  • Use stoichiometry (i.e. mass, moles, concentration) to obtain equilibrium values/variables
  • Know the conditions for aqueous solubility and where the equilibrium lies (Ksp vs Q)
  • Solubility of ions in acidic and basic conditions
  • Calculate how much precipitate was formed when two aqueous solutions are mixed
  • Many examples from midterms administered at uOttawa!
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November 17, 2019 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM